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1a- the tree successful people i’d like to talk about are, Harry Styles, they are a really successful singer, they have two successful albums and was also part of a very popular british band called ” one direction ” back in 2010 . Lele Pons, she is a comedian who got her fame from an app called “vine” she currently has 45.3 million followers on instagram , she also has a very successful singing career , her biggest song is called “Se te nota” with 365 million views on youtube . And lastly Jeff Bezos , he is the founder of both amazon , the world’s largest retailer, and Blue Origin. with an estimated net worth of $177 billion, he is the richest person in the world.

1b- they are all very hard working and succesful.

2- Indra was the chief executive officer of PepsiCo , she also has a bachelor of science degree, an MBA from the Indian institute of management and a master’s degree in public and private management from Yale university

Angelina Jia Kim was successful in launching non-toxic/ organic skin care products called “Aroma & Co” and created a savior the success, an online community for female entrepreneurs.

Carol Greinder became department director at John Hopkins university school of medicine and won the Nobel prize

3- 1-Indra Nooyi, 2- Angela Jia Kim, 3- Carol Greinder, 4- Angela Jia Kim, 5- Indra Nooyi, 6- Carol Greinder

4- .1- I think Nooyi’s management style is great! She’s really hard working and responsible.


.3- Greinger was diagnosed with dyslexia, she was self-disciplined

.4- I’m definitely most impressed by Carol Greinder, personally I find it really hard to memorize stuff specially biology an history.

5a- allergy – allergic , infection – infectious , influence – influencer , passion – passionate , persuasion – persuasive , power – powerful , success – successful.

5b- allergic

6a- affection – affectionate, ambition – ambitious, education – educational , empathy – empathic, fiction – fictional, logic – logical, speculation – speculative.

6b- 1- the most successful person i know is Bill Gates because he is the owner of two very successful companies and also is the world’s richest person.

2- my favorite fictional character is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries , the actor’s real name is Ian Somerhalder , because he is an amazing actor with an amazing roll.

3- the most powerful piece of art that i’ve seen is a movie called “the pursuit of happyness” ,another great and powerful movie i’ve seen is “dunkirk”.

4-While a bachelor’s degree in education is the minimum level of education you’ll need to become a teacher, you have many options as to what and where you’ll teach. You can specialize in special education, secondary education, middle-level education, or early childhood education.

7a- 1- present continuous : “Nooyi is constantly reinventing her business and model” – “Angela Jia kim s a successful interpreneur”

2- past continuous : ” in 2010 Indra Nooyi was named the most powerful businesswoman in the world” – ” her first piano teacher was her mother”

3- present perfect continuous : ” she has been working as a chairperson ”

7b- 1- past continuous 2- present continuous, 3- present perfect continuous

9- I really respect my best friend . he comes from Poland and speaks four languages. he lived in London since 1998 and i’ve know him for ten years. we met on holiday when we hitchhiked through Spain. One day while we were walking through the Cantabrian Mountains, he told me that even though he had left school at fifteen, he is very successful. he joined his company when it was having difficulties. he has been working his way up to the top since then .He has only worked there for seven years and he is aready beaing the director.

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  1. I have clened the house.
  2. Dad has done the shopping.
  3. Mrs. Brown has ironed the clothes.
  4. Susan has spoken to her colleague.
  5. Pam and Joe have finished their breakfast.
  6. My neighbour has done the gardening.
  7. Our Math teacher has corrected our tests yet.
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Strangest New Year traditions

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  • In Spain, if you can manage to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight you’ve achieved good luck for the next year.
  • Today, Italians let their church bells peal, the Swiss beat drums, and the North Americans sound sirens and party horns to bid the old year farewell.
  • In Scotland, the custom of first-footing is an important part of the celebration of Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve Day. This practice holds that the first foot to cross a threshold after midnight will predict the next year’s fortune.
  • Not all New Year’s celebrations take place on December 31. The Jewish New Year, called Rosh Hashanah, is in September. During this two-day holiday, families celebrate tradition through food and prayer services. A traditional celebration will almost always include slices of apple dipped in honey, a symbol of a sweet new year. This is the first of the High Holy Days.
  • New Year on the island of Bali is celebrated in March, coinciding with their lunar New Year. If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, join in on the 12-hour dedicated silence and meditation that sweeps across the island.
  • Romanian Farmers try to communicate with their animals on New Year’s Eve, they belive it will bring good luck.
  • In England people used to kiss each other. After midninght people join their hands in a circle and say a poem written by Scottish poet Robert Burns  <<Auld Lang Sync>>
  • In Greece an onion is hang from the front door of the house, as a symbol of rebirth. Parents then wake thier children by tapping them on  heads with the onion.
  • Russians write down a wish nurn it and throw it into a champange glass. Then they must drink it before  12.00.
Ամանորյա ժամանակակից սեղան. ինչ եւ որքան
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Millions of pizzas are eaten in the world every year.
2. How many email are written every day?
3. Chocolate is sold in almost every country in the world.
4. Rice isn’t grown in England, but it is grown in Spain.
5. Are most emails sent from home computers?
6. Ferrari cars are made in Italy

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a) If I clean the house, my parents will give me some extra money.
2) I shall phone Mike if he doesn’t arrive before 10 o’clock
3) If you speak very fast, they won’t understand you.
4) If Marco phones tonight, will you tell him I’m at Sally’s house?
5) Your parents won’t know f you don’t tell them.

b.1) You like this music, don’t you?
2) Your sister goes to my school, doesn’t she?
3) His father’s French isn’t he?
4) We’re late, aren’t we?
5) They aren’t at home, are they?
6) She hasn’t been to Canada, has she?

1 he’s american-is’t he?
2.she doesn’t like me, does she?
3. She can come with us, -can’t she
4. They aren’t from Canada, are they?
5. They’re from the USA, aren’t they?
6. Your favorite food is pasta, isn’t it?
7. She won’t be at the party, will she?
8. You don’t know my sister, do you?
9. You’ve been to Italy, haven’t you?
10. You haven’t got a brother, have you?

d) 1. He saw us, didn’t he?
2. They don’t live here, do they?
3. She likes chocolate, doesn’t she?
4. You can’t come to the party, can you?
5. They went to New York, didn’t they?
6. She goes to your school, doesn,t she?
7. You’ve seen that film, haven’t you?
8. She hasn’t done that, has she?

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1 gramer


1If i clean the house, my parents will give me some extra money.

2I phone Mike he not arrive before 10 o’clock.

3If you speak very fast. they is not understand you.

4If Marco phone tonight. is phone you and tell him

5Your parents not know if you it is not tell them.


1You like this music, don’t you?

2 Your sister goes to my scholl, Its my sister?

3His father’s French, don’t father?

4We’re late, don’t you?

5They aren’t at home, don’t your home?

6 She hasn’t been to Canada, don’t your from?


1 John’s just had his breakfast

2No thanks. I already had some

3 No thanks. you buy had your sister a present yet?

4We already had finish our homework.

5 I see Marta the film yet?

2 vocabulary


Baritist English North American English

Flat ——————————-apartment




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Home work

Ex 1

1 The maths question was very hard, but in the i got the answer.

2I woke up at 8.30 this morning. so i get to school really late.

3 Alex stopped playing football because it was raining and he get wet.

4 My teacher get angry because i didn’t do my homework.

Ex 2

  1. Many people don’t know that anybody can be an inventor.
  2. The Wright brothers got the idea for building an aeroplane from watching birds.
  3. Many inventors have a lot of talent but they also work very hard.
  4. If you give up easily when you make a mistake, you won’t be successful.
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Հունիսյան առցանց ճամբար

Penguin Winn

Winn: I don’t want fish, I want sweet ice

Father: You will get it after dinner.

Winn: No, now, now, now. Ice

Mother: It’s not a child, it’s a plague.

Father: Eh, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, we’d better give you a kindergarten.

Winn is taken to a kindergarten where he commits atrocities. The educator is angry.

— Well, put an end to evil penguins, you are a fighting evil penguin, don’t even enter kindergarten.

Penguin Winn walks, walks and sees a helicopter, enters, which rises in the air.

Winn: These icebergs all look alike, like penguins.
Pilot: Where did you get so secretly? Do your parents give you permission?

Winn: I will ask permission when I go home. I always do that, uncle. First I do whatever I want, then I apply to my parents. It’s convenient that way.

Pilot: That’s why you will be severely punished. We have to fly three thousand kilometers. I can’t take you back.

They arrive somewhere. The pilot takes Win to where he lives.

Pilot։ Then come out, come, come. I’ll put a ring on your leg so you don’t get lost. We will live here, under the same floor.

Winn: Penguinashen, I missed you, my city.

Pilot: It’s not enough for you, you evil child, don’t enter the helicopter, now eat and sleep.

When the pilot falls asleep, Winn runs away from home. It fits the seal.

Seal: Where did that come from?

Winn: I came sitting far away from an iron bird.

Seal: What a lie! Who has ever heard of a penguin sitting on a bird?

Winn: Honest, honest penguin, I’m right. Only that bird was not alive.

Seal: What are you talking about? Let the birds sit, dead?

Winn: Was he dead? Those people made him something solid.

«What’s this?» Seal asks, pointing to his leg.

VIN: It’s a memory from a familiar scout. Won’t you tell me? Is three thousand kilometers far? I’m going home, Penguinashen.

Seal: There is no world beyond that, you will die on the way. You better stay with us.

Winn: No, I can’t.

Seal: Stubborn, do you know the place of your homeland?

Winn: No

Seal: Wait, crazy.

Seal takes the fish with him and says, «Well, we’re gone.»

He guides Winn, gives him the fish and says, «Good-bye, baby.»

Winn: Thank you, kind grandfather, goodbye, goodbye.

Winn goes to go, until he reaches a mountain. He wants to go up, and suddenly the mountain speaks. «Whoever sees them sitting directly on someone’s head does not respect the king».

Winn: But I didn’t know that you a king.

Sea ​​lion: And who do you think I am?

Winn: I thought you were a mountain.

Sea ​​lion: Look at this, am I a mountain? I am the Sea ​​lion of these places, and know that every lion is the king of beasts.

Winn: I’m sorry. I am going to our city, Penguinashen. I’m very hungry, won’t you give me a fish?

Sea lion: Fish? You have long since grown up, you have to catch fish yourself. Then sinks.

Vin sinks.

Sea lion: Does it work?

Winn: No

Sea lion: Listen, you’re a little lazy, you can’t catch a fish from a shallow hole, so you can’t get out of the ocean.

Winn sinks again and pulls the fish out of the water.

Winn: It worked, it worked.

Then he continued walking and heard his mother’s voice calling him.

«Mom,» he exclaimed, and continued on his way, singing.
I put crosses on my feet, I go and go,
And day and night in this strange land.

Weather disturbs, I go, I go,

And I have been a guest in this foreign country for a long time.

I put crosses on my feet, I go and go,

And day and night in this strange land.

Vin goes on and on until he reaches Penguinashen. His parents notice him.

Mother: It’s very similar to our Winnik walking.

Father: And he looks like me.

Mother: Where did you get lost, my son?

The father laughed and said, «These guys are a plague.»

Winn: Who are you? He asks, seeing two little penguins.

-I am Pimik.

-I am Gvinik.

Winn: How do you behave?

Pimik: I’m normal.

Gvinik: And I am unrestrained.

Winn: That would be good and useful, know the history of this ring.

And Winn shows the ring tied by the pilot.

Պինգվին Վինը

Վին․ -Ձուկ չեմ ուզում, ես ուզում եմ քաղցր սառցիկ։

Հայր․-Ճաշից հետո դա կստանաս։

Վին․-Չէ՛, հիմա, հիմա, հիմա։ Սառցիկ։

Մայր․-Երեխա չէ՛, այլ պատուհաս։

Հայր․- Է, չեղավ, չեղավ էսպես, լավ է քեզ տանք մանկապարտեզ։

Վինին տանում են մանկապարտեզ, որտեղ նա չարություն է անում։ Դաստիարակչուհին բարկանում է․

-Դե վերջ տվեք չար պինգվիններ, դու կռվարար չար պինգին ես, էլ չմտնես մանկապարտեզ։

Պինգվին Վինը քայլում, քայլում է և տեսնում է մի ուղղաթիռ և մտնում է ներս, որը օդ է բարձրանում։

Վին․-Այս սառույցները, բոլորն էլ կարծես նման են իրար, պինգվինների պես։

Օդաչու․-Էդ որտեղի՞ց հայտնվեցիր այդպես թաքուն։ Ծնողներդ տվե՞ն են քեզ թույլտվություն։

Վին․- Ես կխնդրեմ թույլտվություն, երբ տուն գնամ։Ես միշտ էդպես եմ անում, քեռի։ Նախ անում եմ ինչ կամենամ, հետո դիմում ծնողներիս։ Հարմար է էդպես։

Օդաչու․- Դրա համար խիստ կպատժվես։ Երեք հազար կիլոմետր պիտի թռչենք։ Էլ չեմ կարող քեզ ետ տանել։

Հասնում են տեղ։ Օդաչուն Վինին տանում է այնտեղ, որտեղ որ ինքն է ապրում։

Օդաչու․ -Ապա մի դուրս արի, արի, արի։ Ես մի օղակ կհագցնեմ քո տոտիկին, որ չկորչես։ Այստեղ կապրենք, նույն հարկի տակ։

Վին․- Պինգվինաշեն, կարոտել եմ քեզ, իմ քաղաք։

Օդաչու․- Դա քիչ է քեզ, չար երեխա, չմտնեիր ուղղաթիռը, հիմա կեր ու նանիկ արա։

Երբ օդաչուն քնում է, Վինը փախչում է տնից։ Հնդիպում է Փոկին։

Փոկ․- Այդ որտե՞ղից։

Վին․- Մի հռնդուն թռչուն նստած եկա հեռու տեղից։

Փոկ․- Այ քեզ սուտլիկ։ Ո՞վ է լսել, որ պինգվինը թռչուն նստի։

Վին․- Ազնիվ, ազնիվ պինգվինի խոսք, ճիշտ եմ ասում։ Միայն կենդանի չէր այդ թռչունը։

Փոկ․- Ի՞նչ ես խոսում։ Թռչուն նստեն, այն էլ սատկա՞ծ։

Վին․ — Նա՞ էր սատկած։ Այդ մարդիկ են շինել նրան, ինչ որ դյուրամուր բանից։

Փոկ․- Իսկ սա ի՞նչ է,- հարցնում է նա, ցույց տալով ոտքի օղակը։

Վին․- Հիշատակ է, ծանոթ բևեռողից։ Դուք չե՞ք ասի։ Երեք հազար կիլոմետրը շա՞տ է հեռու։ Տուն եմ գնում, Պինգվինաշեն։

Փոկ․- Դրանից դեն աշխարհ չկա, դու կմեռնես ճանապարհին։ Լավ է մնաս, կապրես մեզ հետ։

Վին․- Չէ, չեմ կարող։

Փոկ․- Համառ ճստիկ, հայրենիքիդ տեղը գիտե՞ս։

Վին․- Հըը՛

Փոկ․- Կա՛ց, այ խենթուկ։

Փոկը ձուկ է վերցնում հետը և ասում․- Դե գնացինք։

Ճանապարհում է փոկը Վինին, ձկները տալիս է նրան և ասում․- Բարի ճամփա, ճստիկ-պստիկ

Վին․- Շնորհակալ եմ, բարի պապիկ, ցտեսություն, ցտեսություն։

Գնում գնում է Վինը, մինչև հասնում է մի բլրի։ Ուզում է բարձրանալ, մեկ էլ հանկարծ բլուրը խոսում է․- Այ քեզ լկտիություն։ Ով է տեսել ուղիղ նստեն մեկի գլխին, չեն էլ հարգում թագավորին։

Վին․- Բայց ես չգիտեի, որ դուք, որ դուք թագավոր եք։

Ծովառյուծ․-Իսկ ով եմ ես քո կարծիքով։

Վին․- Կարծում էի, որ դուք սար եք։

Ծովառյուծ․- Մի սրան տես, ե՞ս եմ սարը։ Ծովառյուծն եմ այս տեղերի, և իմացի՛ր, ամեն առյուծ, թագավոր է գազանների։

Վին։- Ներողություն։ Ես գնում եմ մեր քաղաքը, Պինգվինաշեն։ Քաղցած եմ շատ, ձկնիկ չե՞ք տա։

Ծովառյուծ․- Ձկնիկ, չէ մի։ Վաղուց արդեն մեծացել ես, ինքդ պիտի ձկնիկ որսաս։ Հապա սուզվի՛ր։

Վինը սուզվում է։

Ծովառյուծ․- Ստացվու՞մ է։

Վին․- Հըը՛

Ծովառյուծ․- Լսի՛ր, պստիկ, թե անբան ես, ձուկ չես բռնի ծանծաղ ջրափոսից, էլ ուր մնաց օվկիանոսից։

Վինը նորից սուզվում է և ձուկ է դուրս հանում ջրից։

Վին․- Ստացվեց, ստացվեց։

Ձկնիկը ընկնում է ջուրը։

Վին․-վա՜յ,-Բացականչեց նա և նորից սուզվեց և մի քանի ձուկ բռնեց։

Հետո նա շարունակեց քայլել և լսեց մայրիկի ձայնը, թե ինչպես է նրան կանչում։

Վին ․ — Մամ,- բացականչեց նա և երգելով շարունակեց ճանապարհը։

Ոտքերով խաչեր եմ դնում, գնում եմ գնում,

Եվ ցերեկը և գիշերը այս օտար երկրում։

Եղանակը խանգարում է, գնում եմ, գնում,

Եվ արդեն վաղուց է հյուր եմ այս օտար երկրում։

Ոտքերով խաչեր եմ դնում, գնում եմ գնում,

Եվ ցերեկը և գիշերը այս օտար երկրում։

Գնում է գնում Վինը մինչև հասնում է Պինգվինաշեն։ Նրան նկատում են ծնողները։

Մայրը․- Մեր Վինիկին քայլվածքով շատ է նման։

Հայրը․- Իսկ կեցվածքով ինձ է նման։

Մայրը․- Այդ ո՞ւր էիր կորել, տղաս։

Հայրը, ծիծաղելով․- Պատուհաս են այս տղաները։

Վին․- Ովքե՞ր եք դուք,- հարցնում է Վինը տեսնելով երկու փոքրիկ պինգվինների։

-Ես Պիմիկն եմ,

-Ես Գվինիկը։

Վին․- Իսկ ո՞նց եք դուք վարքի կողմից։

Պիմիկ․- Ես սովորական։

Գվինիկ․- Իսկ ես անսանձ։

Վին․- Որ այդպես է, լավ կլիներ և օգտակար, իմանայիր պատմությունը այս օղակի։

Եվ Վինը ցույց է տալիս օդաչուի կապած օղակը։

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English Reading Practice

Moral Story Number 11:
Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will

1. Watch the video at the top of the page.

2. Read the story «Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will» just below it.

3. Do the exercises at the bottom of the page.

Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will

There is a little town that is far from any big city. It is isolated and the only school is very small and does not have much support, so the people who live in the town cannot get good education.

One day, a new lady moves to the town. Her name is Sophia. She is a lively, radiant person. She opens a free learning center so that the kids who live in the town can get better education.

Lots of young people go to the learning center. Sophia is busy all day and has to get a staff of volunteers to help her! The kids have a lot of fun and learn many new things with the kind volunteers. They even improve their grades at school.

Most of the parents in town are thrilled with Sophia’s learning center, but one mother, Judy, is not convinced.

«Who would want to open a free learning center and work for free?» Judy wonders. «Sophia must be a liar or a criminal. She has something to hide.»

But her neighbors disagree. «That is not true,» they say. «She is just a good person. She wants to improve this community for all of us.»

«Oh, no,» Judy insists. «On the inside, all people are bad. You cannot trust anyone. This learning center seems too good to be true. I know she is hiding something. I am going to write to the Town Hall and report her to the education department!»

But Judy never gets a chance to carry out her threats. All of the local parents unite and write to the education department the very next day.

They explain the wonderful work Sophia is doing and the amazing changes she is helping to create in their community. Sophia and her team are great with the town’s children. Their grades at school are improving, and many of them want to go to university. They never even considered that possibility before.

The parents even publish a lovely letter in the local newspaper thanking Sophia for her hard work and dedication to the community.

Everyone is very happy now: the children, the parents, the town residents and officials, and, of course, Sophia.

The only person who is not happy is Judy. She is already looking for someone else to say nasty things about. But her neighbors value the volunteer work that Sophia does and recognize that she is truly a person of good will. 

And now, practice:


Vocabulary Questions

1. What does «good will» mean?

a) a kind, helpful, and friendly attitude

b) an attitude of independence

c) a happy, positive attitude

d) a calm attitude

2. What does «volunteer» mean?

a) a person who works for money

b) a person who works many extra hours for extra pay

c) a person who works for free doing something they think is important

d) a person who does not have a job

3. What does «value» mean?

a) to think something is expensive

b) to think something is very important and worth doing

c) to think something is not important

d) to think something is beautiful

Grammar Questions

1. She wants to improve this community for all of us.

a) all

b) all of

c) of

d) everyone

2. The parents even publish a lovely letter in the local newspaper.

a) in

b) at

c) on

d) of

3. You cannot trust anyone.

a) no one

b) someone

c) everyone

d) anyone

Comprehension Questions

1. What special kind of work does Sophia do? She opens a free learning center so that the kids who live in the town can get better education.

2. Why does Judy think Sophia has something to hide?
Because, in his opinion, no one will do a good deed for free without a profit

3. In your opinion, why is it important not to harm a person of good will?

Because the person of good will does unselfishly good deeds, helps people in need, spares no time.

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My achievements and difficulties during the academic year

I study in the largest and most modern school in our city. I like to come here to classes, to learn a lot of new and interesting things every day, to communicate with my friends. This year, I liked the lessons of physics and chemistry most of all, so I dream after school to continue studying as a metallurgical engineer. We have wonderful teachers who not only love their subject, but also try to instill in us an interest in knowledge and conduct a variety of extracurricular activities. Teachers and I went camping and learned a lot of useful things.