Рубрика: endlish 9


When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange sight.
2. Every morning she wakes  up early and gets ready for work.
3. If I knew what he wanted, I would not permit this.
4. I haven’t heard anything from her in a long time.
5. The headmaster is wanting to talk to you.
6. Jane lives with her parents.
7. We will visit Greece next month.
8. The moon is revolving around the earth.
9. She was written a novel.
10. All students have handed in their work.
11. I have been teaching English for twelve years.
12. The students are rehearsing their dialogue

Рубрика: endlish 9


popular- a popular activity, place, thing etc is one that many people like.

clap-to hit your hands together many times to show that you liked something or admire someone

complicated- difficult to   understand

Рубрика: endlish 9


Umbrellas first (1) in China about 3000 years ago. appeared  In ancient China and
Egypt, umbrellas (2) symbols of rank.  considered  Important people often
(3) umbrellas,  have covered with leaves or feathers held over them by servants
for protecting them from the sun. The Greeks introduce umbrellas to Europe as sunshades
about 2,000 years ago. (to introduce) The Romans used  them to protect themselves
against rain. (to use

Рубрика: endlish 9


cheer up
become happier
She cheered up when she heard the good news.

break out
The prisoners broke out of jail when the guards weren’t looking.

bring somebody down
make unhappy
This sad music is bringing me down.

Go on doing the project


A. Choose the correct option


  •  When are you going to go out?
  •  When going out are we?
  •  When do we go out?


  •   I work tomorrow
  •   I don’t working tomorrow
  •   I’m working tomorrow


  •  Did you finish your project?
  •  Have you finished your project?
  •  Have you got finished your project?

Answer: Yes, just now


  • I am usually having some coffee and toast for my breakfast
  •   I am used to have some coffee and toast for my breakfast
  • I usually have some coffee and toast for my breakfast


  •  I’m trying to eat a more healthy diet
  •   I try to eat a more healthy diet
  •   I’m trying to eat a healthier diet
  •   He’s never been to New York
  • He’s never gone to New York
  •   He’s gone often to New York

C. Fill in the appropriate Preposition

  • I don’t agree at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ you.
  • Forget at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ it!
  • Does he still go at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ school ?
  • … or is he  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ University?
  • Please look  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ when I’m talking!
  • Are you listening at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ me?
  • I’m sorry  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ what I said earlier.
  • She’s married  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ a doctor, you know.
  • Can you have dinner  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ us next weekend?
  • That’s a lovely thing  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ say!
  • I haven’t seen him  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/ ages.
  • I’ll come by your house  at/with/to/for/about/in/on/Tuesday.

D. Fill in the gaps

throw away,grew into,sort out,set up,look after,started out,give up

When George started up his own business, everyone told him he was crazy to set up his old job. His friends told him not to  give up his fantastic lifestyle. His business started up small, but soon it grew up a large company. Now it’s not an easy company to give up , but George manages  his problems.

Рубрика: endlish 9


Isn’t food pleasures life’s one greatest of? Do you know anyone who doesn’t like food? I don’t. There is so much in food delicious world the. You could spend a whole lifetime different a eating day every dish. What’s the tastiest food in the world? This is a very difficult question to answer. in taste My changing keeps food. Sometimes my favourite is a dessert, change mind but I my and then go for a spicy curry. It’s great that countries have so many different dishes. your dish Do think national is you best? Nowadays we have to be careful about what we eat. us food not for Fast is good. We need to focus more on healthy food. Maybe we have to be more careful in the future. eat you food the sure Make good is for you.