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1a- the tree successful people i’d like to talk about are, Harry Styles, they are a really successful singer, they have two successful albums and was also part of a very popular british band called ” one direction ” back in 2010 . Lele Pons, she is a comedian who got her fame from an app called “vine” she currently has 45.3 million followers on instagram , she also has a very successful singing career , her biggest song is called “Se te nota” with 365 million views on youtube . And lastly Jeff Bezos , he is the founder of both amazon , the world’s largest retailer, and Blue Origin. with an estimated net worth of $177 billion, he is the richest person in the world.

1b- they are all very hard working and succesful.

2- Indra was the chief executive officer of PepsiCo , she also has a bachelor of science degree, an MBA from the Indian institute of management and a master’s degree in public and private management from Yale university

Angelina Jia Kim was successful in launching non-toxic/ organic skin care products called “Aroma & Co” and created a savior the success, an online community for female entrepreneurs.

Carol Greinder became department director at John Hopkins university school of medicine and won the Nobel prize

3- 1-Indra Nooyi, 2- Angela Jia Kim, 3- Carol Greinder, 4- Angela Jia Kim, 5- Indra Nooyi, 6- Carol Greinder

4- .1- I think Nooyi’s management style is great! She’s really hard working and responsible.


.3- Greinger was diagnosed with dyslexia, she was self-disciplined

.4- I’m definitely most impressed by Carol Greinder, personally I find it really hard to memorize stuff specially biology an history.

5a- allergy – allergic , infection – infectious , influence – influencer , passion – passionate , persuasion – persuasive , power – powerful , success – successful.

5b- allergic

6a- affection – affectionate, ambition – ambitious, education – educational , empathy – empathic, fiction – fictional, logic – logical, speculation – speculative.

6b- 1- the most successful person i know is Bill Gates because he is the owner of two very successful companies and also is the world’s richest person.

2- my favorite fictional character is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries , the actor’s real name is Ian Somerhalder , because he is an amazing actor with an amazing roll.

3- the most powerful piece of art that i’ve seen is a movie called “the pursuit of happyness” ,another great and powerful movie i’ve seen is “dunkirk”.

4-While a bachelor’s degree in education is the minimum level of education you’ll need to become a teacher, you have many options as to what and where you’ll teach. You can specialize in special education, secondary education, middle-level education, or early childhood education.

7a- 1- present continuous : “Nooyi is constantly reinventing her business and model” – “Angela Jia kim s a successful interpreneur”

2- past continuous : ” in 2010 Indra Nooyi was named the most powerful businesswoman in the world” – ” her first piano teacher was her mother”

3- present perfect continuous : ” she has been working as a chairperson ”

7b- 1- past continuous 2- present continuous, 3- present perfect continuous

9- I really respect my best friend . he comes from Poland and speaks four languages. he lived in London since 1998 and i’ve know him for ten years. we met on holiday when we hitchhiked through Spain. One day while we were walking through the Cantabrian Mountains, he told me that even though he had left school at fifteen, he is very successful. he joined his company when it was having difficulties. he has been working his way up to the top since then .He has only worked there for seven years and he is aready beaing the director.

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